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Gui Rochat regularly features art of 17th and 18th century France that have included works by Francois-Joseph Navez; Michel DeSubleay (Michele DeSubleo); Pierre Brebiette; Michel II Corneille; Antoine Rivalz; Jacques Vigoureux-Duplessis; Jean Boucher; Jacques Stella; Georges Lallemand; Nicolas Chaperon; Claude-Louis Chatelet; Joseph-Benoit Suvee; Jean-Baptiste Deshayes; Jean-Baptiste LePrince; Antoine Chintreuil; Jacques-Francois Amand; Pierre-Alexandre Wille; Jeanne-Philiberte Ledoux; Genevieve Navarre; Claudine Bouzonnet Stella; Jean Mosnier; Alphonse Dufresnoy; Jean Tassel;  Charles Errard; Pierre Puget; Raymond LaFage; Claude Vignon;  Jacques de Lestin;  Guy-Claude Halle;  Pierre-Louis Cretey;  Antoine-Francois Callet;  Henriette Gudin … and Francesco Pacceco de Rosa;  Antonio Balestra; Francesco Fidanza; Giuseppe Bossi… 

gui rochatGui Rochat has an ever-changing stock of art historically often interesting and unusual Old Master paintings and drawings (see also

Located in New York, Gui Rochat can offer expertise and appraisals for French Old Master paintings and drawings as well as for Post-Impressionist and Modern works. As a former member of the Appraisers Association of America and associate of four major auction houses, these professional appraisals are fully acceptable for estate and tax purposes.

He was the director of Sotheby’s representation in the Southwest in Houston, Texas after which he spent several years in Sotheby’s Old Master departments in London and New York. After that he became the art consultant and subsequently president of Phillips Fine Art Auctioneers in New York. The latest positions he held were with Butterfield & Butterfield in San Francisco where he was a vice president and the director for Fine Arts and more recently as temporary consultant and director of the painting department at DoyleNewYork.

As a consultant Gui Rochat continues to offer and sell his discoveries to museums and collectors here and in Europe and has given paintings on loan to museums such as the above mentioned Antoine Rivalz to the New Orleans Museum of Art in 1994/6, and again in 2008/10 the Allegory by Charles I Poerson described and illustrated below. He is a member of the scholarly Societe de l’Histoire de l’Art francais in Paris and appeared in the Who is who On the East Coast from 1986-1989. Gui Rochat is mentioned in the following publications: Alastair Laing ‘The Drawings of Francois Boucher’ 2003, Edgar Munhall ‘Greuze the Draftsman’ 2002, Alberto Cottino ‘Michele Desubleo’ 2001 and on the internet website ‘La Tribune de l’Art’. There are neo-classical landscapes discovered by him now in the collection of the architect Michael Graves in Princeton (vide the PBS program Michael Graves: The Warehouse, a copy after Claude Lorrain above the living room mantle piece made for Prince Colonna after he sold his paintings to Napoleon) and in a private collection in New York City.


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