Attributed to Jacques de Bellange (ca. 1575-1616), ‘Mary Magdalen in Penance’, oil on panel, 39 x 29 cm. Published and illustrated by Christopher Duran Comer in his Internet catalogue ‘Paintings of Jacques Bellange’, 2013, no. 36. Attributed to Bellange in a 2020 article by Sylvain Kerspern as a work from about 1605 when Bellange studied engraving with Crispin de Passe in Cologne.

Jacques Stella (1596-1657), ‘Mary Magdalen in an Evening Landscape’, oil on canvas, 33 x 39 cm. Ex collection Richard L. Feigen Gallery, New York. Full attribution in an article by Sylvain Kerspern 2020.

Nicolas Chaperon (1612-1656), ‘Bacchanal’, oil on canvas, 133.5 x 144.5 cm. Attribution by Patrice Marandel and Dominique Jacquot.

Antonio Canova (1775-1825), ‘The Three Sister Arts, Sculpture, Painting and Architecture’, oil on canvas, 74.5 x 61 cm. Published and illustrated by Gian Lorenzo Mellini, ‘Canova, saggi di filologia e di ermeneutica’, 1991 and 1999, pages 87, 88, 89, illus. page 213, color plate 29.

Frere Luc (Claude Francois), (1614-1685), ‘Le Christ Adolescent’, oil on original canvas, 46 x 44.5 cm.

Pierre-Raymond-Jacques-Quinsac Monvoisin (1794-1870), ‘The Death of Cleopatra’, oil on canvas, size 27 x 40 cm. Monvoisin who had obtained the first prize with his oil sketch in the Concours d’esquisses peintes in 1818 at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, repeats here his entry at the same scale but with variations and a more finished image.