Gui Rochat is an expert appraiser for personal, estate or institutional property. Valuations are done of artistic property for insurance, inheritance and open market value purposes.

Appraisals are available on paintings, drawings and sculpture from the following periods:

   • Old Masters, i.e., fine art created before the year 1830

   • European Impressionist and Post-Impressionist period, i.e., art made and after the Impressionist movement in France, from circa 1880 on

   • Modern art, i.e., following the rise of Cubism till up to circa 1970

In each case a full record of attribution and/or authenticity is offered on which the valuations are made. The full documentation includes how the evaluation is arrived at by citing examples of prices for similar and related items sold in the open art market as published by the international auction houses. All appraisals are fully backed by as many comparisons of value as are available in the current art price sources.

Each appraisal is tailor-made to its purpose, i.e. fair market values for inheritance taxes, retail values for insurance evaluations and open market values for disposal by private treaty, through galleries or through auctions. My appraisals are and have been accepted by the Internal Revenue Service, the legal profession, institutions, art galleries and auction houses.

All appraisals are done on a by the hour basis so that there can be no conflict in attaching values to the objects appraised. Appraisals are done on site and travel and related expenses are additional for locations outside of New York.

Additional Services:

Services available include:

  • cataloging of collections
  • research and authentication of specific works
  • building of collections
  • bidding at auctions
  • museum loans
  • museum shows

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Appraisals & Services